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About Us

Our History

The Grand Victorian Hotel, built in 1883, is proudly one of the oldest standing buildings in Spring Lake. The house was originally known as Brighton House, this moniker being the first of many names the Grand Victorian would adopt over the long span of its life. It was constructed as a guest house, and would become a fully fledged hotel in the waning years of the 19th century when the building was bought by The Letchworth family, the hotel then known as the Letchworth Hotel. It remained as such until 1949 when the building was purchased by William and Rosemary Schreck, a couple whose family also owned another Spring Lake landmark, the Sandpiper Inn. The hotel remained in their family for over thirty years, until 1981 when another local family purchased the property and freshly dubbed the building The Kenilworth. This family, however, did not operate as a hotel, but instead fashioned for themselves a private residence until 1990, when the building became known as The Grand Victorian Hotel and began again accepting guests to experience the beauty of Spring Lake and the Jersey Shore. 

In 2005 the building experienced a remodeling; at that point private bathrooms were added to each of the second floor rooms (originally both guest floors shared bathrooms!) and the in-house restaurant was established. Like the hotel itself, the in-house restaurant has a history of shifting names and identities — in fact, we are currently in one such transitional period now, with big expectations for the future!

After 130 years, The Grand Victorian remains a piece of Spring Lake's historic Gilded Age past, offering guests a unique glimpse of Victorian, seaside history.

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