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Accessibility Amenities For This Room

☑ Amenities within accessible range to reach
☐ Closed caption decoder
☐ Controls operable without grasping or twisting
 Lever hardware
☐ Roll-in shower
☐ Text telephone (TTY/TDD/TT)
☐ Grab bars alongside the toilet
☐ Grab bars by the tub
☐ Transfer seat to the tub
 Audio and visual emergency warning devices
☐ Wider guest room and bathroom doorways
☐ Braille elevators
☐ Braille exits
☐ Short stature accessibility kit available
 Wheelchair-accessible lobby
 Wheelchair-accessible public entrance
 Wheelchair-accessible public restrooms
☐ Wheelchair available on request

The King Suite has on-site parking, next to the room, which limits the amount of walking required to get to the room, which may be desirable for those with limited mobility. There are, however, three steps to get up into the unit.

The second and third floors-- Rooms 1-25-- are accessible only by use of the main staircase. Only the King Suite is located on the first floor of the building. Amenities for the Grand Victorian are shampoos, conditioners, soaps, shower gels, and makeup remover wipes, which are located on our vanities, about waist level.

Audio and visual emergency warning devices-- our building is up to fire code, and contains alarms and flashing lights in case of an emergency.

Wheelchair-accessible lobby/ Wheelchair-accessible public entrance-- the front of the building has a ramp, which leads into the first floor of the building, where the office lobby is located. All rooms share this front office/ entrance, but each room does not have its own lobby area, nor does each room have its own public entrance.

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